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In 1994, Swiss author and publisher Barbara Kindermann founded the Kindermann Verlag in Berlin. Today her publishing company occupies a unique niche: With her unmatched series ›World Literature for Children‹ Kindermann realizes her dream to arouse the interest of youngsters – six years and older – in classical literature. Her concept is both easy and gripping: She uses kid adequate language and tells thrilling stories which the young readers absorb and remember for the rest of their lives. Goethe’s »Faust« or Schiller’s »Wilhelm Tell« are among the favorites.

The success of that first series lead to the second, named ›Poetry for Children‹. Here, even younger kids – five years and up – are getting acquainted with famous poems, both beautifully illustrated. In her latest series, ›World Musicals for Children‹, Kindermann re-narrates popular pieces of this genre.

Finally, the series entitled ›Children Discover Art‹ was being launched. Art educationalist Britta Benke takes children of six years and older with her on a discovery trip to meet with world famous artists, talking about their lives, introducing the kids to their works and colors as well as explaining their styles and artistic themes.

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Today, ›World Literature for Children‹ includes 16 volumes from Schiller’s »The Robbers« to Shakespeare’s »Romeo and Juliet«. All volumes are half-linen bindings of high quality and illustrated by well-known artists – at times magical-dramatic fairytale-like or even really funny, but always gripping and full of wisdom. The young readers of this series know what the poodle’s core means, or wether it is the nightingale or the lark that sings so out of tune.

Meanwhile, the series ›Poetry for Children‹ has grown to 15 fascinating volumes, lovely illustrated by renowned artists – including Schiller’s »The Cranes of Ibycus«, or Rilke’s »Carousel«.

The series ›World Musicals for Children‹ features so far »Anatevka« (»The Fiddler on the Roof«) and »My Fair Lady«.

And the series »Children Discover Art« gives insight views on the life and work of such artistes like Joan Miró, Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse or Wassily Kandinsky.

Finally, non-book products like puzzles and magnet bookmarks of the popular literary works complete this unique concept of Kindermann Publishing House.